Private Lessons in Lisbon


ALC offers one-to-one and group lessons in Lisbon, Portugal!


One-to-one Private Lesson

In the first session, your level and objectives will be discussed. After the review and discussion of appropriate topics which suit your English comprehension level and needs, an individual plan will be made and get practice four skills of English; speaking, listening, writing and reading.

The price of one-to-one tutoring lessons varies according to the frequency of classes and your level.

Please contact ALC to learn the price of One-to-one Lessons. 


Group Lessons 

Group lessons are also possible in ALC. If you are two or more, you can contact ALC for group lessons and share the price with your friends! 

The price of Group Lessons will vary according to the number of students, the frequency, and level of the group. 

Please contact ALC to learn the price of Group Lessons


Online Lessons

ALC offers online tutoring as well!

To learn the details and prices of online classes, please click here.


Here is what you can expect from us!

  • We promise to treat our students with care and respect.
  • We will always give you our best when it comes to instruction.
  • We will always return your call or email in a timely and professional manner.
  • We will always treat your children as our own.
  • We will always be on time.
  • We will always listen when you have a concern, and try our best to solve the problem.
  • We will always be there for any student for any reason.