Half Magical Hour

If I tell you that you will live the life that you want to live but not the life you have to live; however you need to apply one simple rule for every week, not even every day, would you do it?


If no, stop reading here because no one can help you unless you want to help yourself.

If yes, keep reading. The answer is Half Magical Hour and Idea Journal.

You need half an hour a week to stop the clock and plan your life before you completely run out of time. You have to see “What is going on? Where am I going? Am I where I have dreamt of? Did I ever dream of by the way? What did I want to do when 10 years ago? Am I there?

If I knew that my life clock would finish in one year, would I be doing what I am doing now?

If yes, no problem…

If no, you have got to get the “Half Magical Hour

Half Magical Hour a week will help you answer these questions. Half an hour a week is not too much when you consider the time we spend on social media.

Maybe you have a good job to earn your life and you are happy with it. Maybe you don’t like it so much, but you are grateful to have it. Maybe you are not happy but you know you have to work for your study or your family. The list can go longer.

There is no problem with these situations.

But the problem starts when we feel so overwhelmed by this survival work and get away from our dreams and main focus. 

You maybe get this job to give you some time to keep your study going or travel abroad or live in a beautiful and peaceful place and you end up working there for 2 years. Maybe you feel like you get used to it and you are not ready to make big changes. 

It is always difficult to leave your COMFORT ZONE. But once you leave, you have no chance to fail! 

But what about your main goals and dreams? Do you still remember them? Or do you give them up in your comfort zone? Do you even remember what you always wish to come true?

In order to avoid the delay to your dream destination, you need to get the magical half an hour a week.

When is your most comfortable time? The time when you feel like, “Oh, finally”! It can be Friday evening for many of you, or Sunday morning.

Choose the best time that you can stay alone or at least somewhere silent so you can think and consider your life. 

Ask these questions to yourself: 

What can I do to change my life and do what I want?

How can I do these?

What am I afraid of?

How can I bring solutions to these fears?

Write down your answers on your Idea Journal.

Review your answers weekly. Change the questions if necessary. 

There will be “STUCK MOMENTS”!

If you feel stuck and have no idea what you are doing, that’s ok, too.

Find someone who can help you overcome the “stuck” moment. Maybe professional help if you have a budget. If you don’t, go on youtube. There are thousands of life coaches, inspirational and motivational speeches.

Can you spend “Half Magical Hour” a week in order to follow your dreams?

Writing has an amazing power. Discover and see it yourself. 











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