7 Must-Know Homonyms

When two words are spelled and pronounced exactly the same but have different meanings, they are homonyms. Let’s see some examples. 

1) MATCH (a stick for making a flame) // MATCH (to suit, pair like items) 




2) DIE (a cube marked with 6 numbers) // DIE (to stop living) 




3) LIE ( to rest, recline) // LIE (to tell a falsehood) 




4) BEAR (a wild animal) // BEAR ( to tolerate, accept)




5) CAN ( a metal container) // CAN ( to be able to) 




6) ADDRESS (location) // ADDRESS (to speak to someone) 




7) KIND (Type, sort) // KIND (Nice, caring) 



Hope it was helpful! Don’t forget to spread the knowledge!



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