Let’s Chat (Most Common Abbreviations)

When we are chatting with our friends on Whatsapp, Facebook or other social platforms, we tend to use some ABBREVIATIONS to write quickly. Abbreviation means ” a shortened form of a word or phrase”.

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Here are the most common abbreviation examples.

Common Abbreviations

ASAP∠ As soon as possible

ATM∠ At The Moment

B4∠ Before

BF∠ Boyfriend

GF ∠Girlfriend

BRB∠ Be Right Back

CU∠ See You.

FB ∠ Facebook

FYI ∠ For Your Information

HRU ∠ How are you?

IMO ∠ In my opinion

L&R ∠ Later

LOL ∠ Laughing out Loud

OMG ∠ Oh Moy God

NP ∠ No Problem

PLS ∠ Please

SBY ∠ Somebody

STH ∠ Something

TBH ∠ To Be Honest

THX ∠ Thanks

WKND ∠ Weekend

WTF? ∠ What the f**k

XOXO ∠ Hugs and Kisses


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