4 Ways To Go Abroad For Free!

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There are many ways to go abroad for free and enjoy like crazy!

Learn a lot, experience a lot, and put more stories in your life box! 

Here I listed 4 of them!

1) Erasmus Internship 

Who can apply: Only Students

What does it provide: grant, work experience

I am sure almost every student knows about Erasmus Study Programme nowadays (That’s why I will not put it on this list but in case you have a doubt, feel free to ask me). However, many people do not know about ERASMUS INTERNSHIP which is quite a bit different experience than Erasmus Study. That’s why I will explain it a little bit here.

Erasmus Internship is a lifelong learning programme which is very similar to Erasmus Study Programme. It means you need to get the Erasmus language exam and have at least 2.20 grade from university (The minimum average may depend on the university, so go to Erasmus Office at your university and make sure of it).

With this opportunity, you can do an internship in a summertime or the following year upon your graduation from 2 up to 12 months abroad with a grant.

However; for the internship programme you have to find an institution or organization in your area on your own; for instance, if you are a teacher, you will need to apply for language schools or any educational institutions. The institution has to be related to your area at the university.

Here is a link that companies and organizations offer their internship vacancies to students seeking international opportunities. It is a lot easier to find an institution now.

When your school accepts the institution that you have found, the rest is very easy.

You just apply for the visa and go to have fun wherever you want. 

For more information, click here.


2) European Volunteer Service

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Who can apply: Anyone between 18-30 ages

What does it provide: accommodation, food money (min 150 Euros) and pocket money (approx. 100 euros)*, plane ticket, visa, linguistic support, local transport, personal support and mentoring.

Evs is becoming more known and popular as people discover and love this fabulous opportunity so much.

It is another part of Erasmus+ Project but the amazing fact is that you don’t have to be a student to apply for EVS projects. You will be a volunteer for a project that can be about child care, nature, health, migrants,  etc. You will have a comfortable environment to do your best for others.

There are two important criteria for this great opportunity. One of them is that you need to be between 18-30 ages and you shouldn’t have done EVS  before which means that you have only one chance to do EVS in your life.

The other point is EVS projects can take place in both programme countries and partner countries; in order to see the countries, click here.

For more information about EVS, click here.

*Food and pocket money can be paid together by the organization and the quantity may vary according to the city and country.

3) Workaway

Artist dips paintbrush in bucket of paint among other pots of different colored paint

Who can apply: Anyone

What does it provide: accommodation, food, language exchange

As its name carries the meaning,  as a WORKAWAYER you only need to find the locals offering a small work on their website and go to work for them. It is one of the best way of cultural exchange and travel.

The work can be really fun and easy sometimes; such as taking the kids from school, small housework, speaking a language, gardening etc.

They provide you the accommodation, food, and sometimes even some pocket money. You can stay as long as you agree with the person.

Anyone can participate in workaway. 

Go to their website and welcome amazing people and opportunities! 

4) Helpx

A man from a relief organization helps rebuild after a disaster in Uganda

Who can apply: Anyone

What does it provide: accommodation, food, language exchange

Helpx has the same concept as Workaway.

It provides you to reach the locals, help them a bit, exchange the culture, have fun and receive free accommodation and meals for your efforts.

Go to their website and discover the super exciting experiences!


If you find what you have read, spread the knowledge!

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