Let’s Chat (Most Common Abbreviations)

When we are chatting with our friends on Whatsapp, Facebook or other social platforms, we tend to use some ABBREVIATIONS to write quickly. Abbreviation means " a shortened form of a word or phrase". Here are the most common abbreviation examples. Common Abbreviations ASAP∠ As soon as possible ATM∠ At The Moment B4∠ Before BF∠ Boyfriend GF ∠Girlfriend … Continue reading Let’s Chat (Most Common Abbreviations)

4 Ways To Go Abroad For Free!

There are many ways to go abroad for free and enjoy like crazy! Learn a lot, experience a lot, and put more stories in your life box!  Here I listed 4 of them! 1) Erasmus Internship  Who can apply: Only Students What does it provide: grant, work experience I am sure almost every student knows … Continue reading 4 Ways To Go Abroad For Free!