♦ Too is used before adjectives to say that something is more than good, more than necessary, more than is wanted etc. (too + adjective)

For example:

〉This computer is too expensive. No one will buy it.

〉Language learning isn’t too hard!


♦ Enough is used before nouns to say that there is/ isn’t as much of something as necessary. (enough + noun)

For example:

〉We (don’t) have enough time to make the final decision.

♦ Enough is also used after adjectives, verbs, and adverbs to say something is sufficient/insufficient. (adjective/verb+ enough)

For example:

〉She doesn’t work enough.

〉It isn’t warm enough.

〉He doesn’t type quickly enough.

♦ Enough can be also used as a pronoun when the noun doesn’t need to be repeated.

For Example:

〉-Shall we buy some more cheese?

    -No, I think we have enough.


If you have any doubts, comment on it! We will help you out!


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