Did I work more than 10.000 hours to achieve my goals?

I am feeling motivated again! How are you doing? 

I have just read somewhere that we need at least to work 10.000 hours in order to achieve our goals (I will write down the source when I find it). Waow! Suddenly I am amazed and feel motivated so much!

I asked myself. Did I?

The answer was NO.

And suddenly I became so happy because I didn’t spend 10.000 and it means that I didn’t fail yet.

I am sure many of us have the same feeling sometimes like failing, unmotivated, no more wishes and dreams…

But Hey! Wait a second! Do you see that we need 10.000 hours before starting to feel this way?

Yeay! Horray!

We didn’t fail yet!

First, let’s spend 10.000 hours. Then we have the right to admit the failure!

Not before that!

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