How to agree and disagree in English!

Let’s learn how to use So/ Neither/ Nor and also some useful phrases for agreement and disagreement.


If someone says something negative, we agree with them with neither / nor.

If someone says something positive, we agree with them with so.



Do you agree or disagree? Please write down.

1. I don’t like mushrooms.
2. I love working at Haitong Bank and studying English with Teacher Merve.
3. I enjoyed and rested a lot at last weekend.
4. I wish every day was Friday.
5. I don’t like hunting and hunters.
6. I don’t do yoga regularly.
7. I am not in the mood today.
8. I believe that the use of cell phones is reducing face-to-face communication among
9. I didn’t believe in the existence of God when I was young.
10. I wasn’t confident enough when I went to my first job interview.



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