How Can Seinfeld Help Us to Improve our English(and be a happier person)?

I am sure some of you have heard about Seinfeld, here and there. Seinfeld is a great fun sitcom with around 20 minutes episodes and it is great for English learners.


1) First of all, it is really funny (That’s the main purpose, ha? 😁) and not so long. Just 20 minutes. So, it is great to watch at the end of any day.



2) All episodes are based on very possible daily routines, so their language is what you need in a naturally English speaking environment.

3) Who doesn’t want to be a funnier person that makes also everybody happy around himself? I assure you that soon after you happen to relate your real life with Seinfeld and you will be making better jokes and chuckling in your inner world. 

P.S: Since I have been watching Seinfeld, my jokes are much much better. Ask my boyfriend if you don’t believe me.

4) It is a great and natural way to relax just before sleeping. And you also learn some English. What else do you want? Don’t be greedy! 😎


Alfama Language Community (ALC)

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